We won’t promise the moon, but we will bring you the stars.

We’ll help you hire the amazing individuals you need to drive your business forward. Not simply candidates who can do the job, but people who’ll bring the passion and optimism to make a difference in the role and to your company.
Finding that shiny new recruit can be time consuming and sometimes disheartening. Scouring through CVs and being in lack lustre interviews. Worse still, if you’ve outsourced to a recruitment agency who just didn’t get it. You’ve wasted time and energy on the wrong people. Which is expensive, and now a cost to your business. You’re back to square one.

We get people. Blooming awesome people

We’re not salespeople who are ‘all about the numbers’; we focus on the individual and what they could bring to the role in question. We won’t put a candidate forward unless we’ve met them, and feel they are the right fit.
This people centric approach is what makes us different, we get to know you and your team, the company ethos and personality to match candidates who will bring the right energy as well as skills.
That’s why 95% of our clients remain loyal and have been with us since the start. That’s over a decade long and counting –and what you’d call a serious client marriage!

We’re excellent value for money

We keep our pencils sharp. That gives us the edge. Our fees are extremely competitive. No retainers or up-front advertising costs. We’re open and honest at every point and wouldn’t dream of charging you twice for the same candidate – no fee for when you make that super Temp permanent.

We love to talk

Say it with Flowers. Let us do the talking on your behalf, speaking to as many of the right, prospective candidates as possible to find the super stars that you just have to meet. We also love to listen, and we do what we say, and say what we mean. That’s regular contact so you’re never out of the loop.

We love a challenge

Difficult climates and challenging finds, that’s where we come into bloom. We stay focused and persistent until we get the best possible outcome. We’ll always be honest and straight talking.

Have we turned your head?

Already have a preferred supplier list in place?

We’re not afraid to be bold. Give us the opportunity to show you what’s missing in your current relationship.

Widen the talent pool, use us to benchmark and disrupt the status quo. We think you’ll fall head over heels and move us in. It wouldn’t be the first time. That’s how many of our long-term client marriages have started.

We don't just find people for jobs, we find jobs for people

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